Mount Meron

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14-Day news roundup: Meron tragedy

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


Mount Meron: Understanding the Lag Ba'omer calamity

The holiday is meant to represent the move from sorrow to joy. That’s why the Meron disaster is so ironically tragic.


Mount Meron: The writing was on the wall

The Jerusalem Post Podcast Episode 13 with Yaakov Katz and Lahav Harkov.

After Meron, Israel needs a culture of true accountability - editorial

Zero people have had anything happen to them despite 45 people losing their lives in the greatest civilian tragedy in Israel’s 73-year history. Zero.

One week after Mount Meron, Chief of Police discusses the tragedy

In a conversation with N12, Kobi Shabtai recounts why he decided not to call for a commission of inquiry • The Police knew there were dangers and weaknesses, but couldn't do anything about it.

Senator Chuck Schumer to Meron mourners: 'I have deep faith in Hashem'

The families of the victims sitted for the week of shiva, the Jewish rituals of mourning during which the bereaved receives visits and attentions in the memory of the lost ones.

The Mount Meron tragedy is the ultra-Orthodox's Chernobyl disaster

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Who will be part of the commission of inquiry, what will they investigate, what will it find and what will these findings mean?

Mount Meron disaster: Behind the scenes of the Abu Kir investigation

HEALTH AFFAIRS: ‘They came from a big festival and suddenly, death’

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