Those who have a hatred of, or prejudice against, Jews just because they are Jewish are known as anti-Semitic, or they are anti-Semites. Throughout Jewish history, there have been many religious groups that have persecuted the Jews. When Christianity rose throughout Europe, the Jews were persecuted. During the Second World War, more than three-quarters of the Jewish population in Europe was wiped out by the Nazis.

Protestors near the White House at the 'March on Washington 2020' wearing shirts bearing an antisemi
Antisemitic mural resurfaces at March on Washington 2020

Two protestors were photographed wearing shirts with the image of an antisemitic mural, championed by former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Members of Team Israel
Former MLB player Decker says antisemitism is ‘rampant’ in pro baseball

And in 2012, Decker said he was at a bar with teammates when a group of girls asked him to leave the table when they found out he was Jewish.

Youtube to 'Post': Wiley's channel taken down for 'repeated violations'

The rapper published a series of tweets last month asserting that Jews systematically exploited Black artists.

The Twitter application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017
Wiley's Twitter account permanently suspended, after controversial tweets

The decision, announced Wednesday, follows a 48-hour boycott by many users, notably British and Jewish, over what they deemed as Twitter’s failure to reprimand the artist over his tweets in a timely manner.

Seth Rogen says Israel ‘doesn’t make sense’ in interview with Marc Maron

It was a fair disclaimer, given that his hour-long conversation with Seth Rogen touched on just about every general aspect of modern Jewish identity, from Jewish summer camp to cultural Jewishness to sitting shiva.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda walk to a joint news conference in the
Poland has antisemitism problem. Trump administration could fight it.

There is no better illustration of the relationship between rising authoritarianism and antisemitism than the recent presidential campaign in Poland.

Strategic affairs minister: increasing attacks on Israel’s legitimacy

“We oppose attacks on the existence of the State of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.”

The new grassroots movement that is fighting antisemitism worldwide

A close-up look at the fight against antisemitism, both among interfaith groups, and among supporters of grassroots campaigns

Expert panel: Antisemitism flourishes during corona

Some blame Jews for using the coronavirus to control the world, while the new form of antisemitism blames Israel for using coronavirus to control the Palestinians.

Combat Anti-Semitism Movement highlights Israel's COVID-19 battle

Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s #IsraelFights4Humanity campaign gives individuals and organizations digital and social media tools to showcase Israeli efforts

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