Those who have a hatred of, or prejudice against, Jews just because they are Jewish are known as anti-Semitic, or they are anti-Semites. Throughout Jewish history, there have been many religious groups that have persecuted the Jews. When Christianity rose throughout Europe, the Jews were persecuted. During the Second World War, more than three-quarters of the Jewish population in Europe was wiped out by the Nazis.
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Zurich teen who stabbed Jewish man had pledged loyalty to ISIS

Hundreds gathered in solidarity against antisemitism at the site of the stabbing, the European Jewish Congress said.

‘BBC Arabic treats Israeli guests disgracefully, spreads misinformation,’ interviewees say

Multiple Jewish interviewees point out their disgraceful treatment by BBC Arabic. The corporation’s complaint system came under scrutiny several times according to a spokesperson.


Nearly 60% increase in antisemitic incidents in 2023 - Combat Antisemitism

Combat Antisemitism Movement’s (CAM) report documented 3,046 reported incidents globally, a 58.2% increase from 1,925 the previous year and 2,215 in 2021.

Effort to track antisemitism in the literary world launches amid widespread anti-Israel sentiment

A wave of intense pro-Palestinian activism within the broad literary community has included bestselling Jewish authors being targeted online as “Zionists.”


Why do so many young Americans hate Israel?

No matter the reason, their impact must be considered.

Global Jews seek home in Israel: Is the nation ready?

Aliyah requests to Israel surge amid war, raising interest in housing projects. Can apartment supply meet the demand?

Yes, anti-Zionism is antisemitism - editorial

The fact that there is a small minority of Jews who identify as anti-Zionist does not make Zionism any less legitimate or opposition thereto any less antisemitic.

Calls for violence against Jews rise by 1,200% since Hamas massacre

Spanning from October 7-10, the ACMS painstakingly documented a concerning 157,000 posts exuding antisemitic sentiments.


Anti-Zionism: A blessing in disguise? - opinion

Understanding the shapeshifting profile of Jew-hatred, we identify three distinct historic eras: the era of Judeophobia, antisemitism, and anti-Zionism.

Moldova's national flag is seen in central Chisinau, Moldova

Wiesenthal Center urges Moldova to remove antisemite, Nazi monuments

The monuments honor a 'notorious antisemite' and events which led to the slaughter of 150,000 Bessarabian Jews.

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