conversion bill

THE JERUSALEM conversion office of the Chief Rabbinate
Conversion proposals dead on arrival after haredi rejection

Chief Rabbis Yitzhak Yosef and David Lau called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reject Nissim’s recommendations.

A man reads a prayer book outside, Reuters
New conversion bill likely to be nixed as factions come out in opposition

Under the terms of the new law however, the head of the new conversion authority would be empowered to approve conversions without the input of the chief rabbi.

MEMBERS OF Women of the Wall pray at the Kotel.
Conversion crisis recommendations won't be made on time

“I'm meeting with lots of people, and I need to hear from everyone, and you cant write a document in such a short amount of time.”

Netanyahu backs away from promised panel to mediate conversions dispute

The conversion decision will be left to the ex-justice minister.

Conversion in Israel: Where are we heading?

There are today two different definitions of Judaism applied within the State of Israel according to two governmental agencies, the Interior Ministry and the Chief Rabbinate.

Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO of USCJ (The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism) and Rabbi Julie Sch
Conservative movement gives PM chance to repent ahead of High Holy Days

The open letter addressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses the North American Conservative movement's feelings of betrayal after the Western Wall and Conversion crises.

Israel demonstration
Quit stalling

The haredi ministers make no pretense of their contempt for fellow Jews of the Conservative or Reform persuasions.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili‏
Prime Minister’s conversion committee still not established one month on

Member of Knesset Elazar Stern has accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of stalling through this committee and preferring to preserve his coalition rather than repair Diaspora relations.

‘LET’S DEBATE the meaning of the Zionist Idea today – in Israel and the Diaspora, then compare notes
It's our problem, not theirs

It's time we stop telling Jews abroad that if they don't like the way we are handling matters of religion and state that they should come here and change things.

Eli Ben-Dahan
Independent conversions not backed by religious-Zionist leaders’

Ben-Dahan says law not aimed at Reform, Conservative conversions

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