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Kahana submits Jewish conversion reform bill to Knesset

Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana called his conversion reform plan a "historic opportunity that cannot be missed."

Storm sparked as Tzohar rabbi recommended to head Conversion Authority

Rabbi Benayahu Brunner, a member of Tzohar and a judge in rabbinical courts, has been appointed to head the Conversion Authority.


Gov't optimistically embracing conversion reform - opinion

There is good reason to believe that should the new legislation pass, immigrants who are seeking conversion will have a new avenue that is transparent, straightforward and simple to convert.


Conference of European Rabbis opposes proposed conversion legislation

Umbrella body of Orthodox European rabbis says Jewish authorities and communities on the continent will not recognize conversions done outside of permanent and ‘important’ rabbinical courts.

Rabbi Stav: Israel threatened by division without conversion legislation

JPost One-on-One Zoomcast, Episode 39: Jeremy Sharon and Chief Rabbi of Shoham Rabbi David Stav on decentralizing authority over Jewish conversion.

It is time to reject Orthodox conversions to Judaism

In Jewish history, there have often been fanatics who tried to hijack the religion and exclude others. Up to now, they have failed.

A screen capture of the live stream feed from a hearing at the High Court of Justice

Jewish NGOs celebrate 'long overdue' Israeli conversion decision

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, said the decision "reflects the diversity and vibrancy of Jewish life in Israel and around the world.”

David Amsalem (Likud)

Likud to Blue and White: We will only pass coronavirus laws this week

The Likud Party decided to take revenge on their partners in the government after they broke their promise on the vote over the conversion therapy bill.


Joint List may break up due to division on conversion therapy - report

Ra'am Party leader Mansour Abbas said that the electorate who voted for the list is angry at the support some of its members have shown for the law, and are demanding the dissolution of the list.

Thousands protest after Rafi Peretz stated that he supports gay conversion therapy.

Gay conversion therapy and elections: Time to decide

The main issue that might lead us to an election is the state budget, which must pass by the end of August.

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