Coronavirus Vaccine

Pharmaceutical companies were quick to create vaccines in response to the 2019 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease, with a high rate of transmissibility, and posed a major risk to senior citizens and those with underlying conditions.  

Several pharmaceutical companies have developed innovative mRNA vaccines to counter the coronavirus. Pfizer, Biontech, Astrazeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm and others have produced vaccines, with different efficacy rates. Some vaccines required two shots before a person could be considered vaccinated. 

The coronavirus is prone to mutations, and has already produced several well known variants, including the Delta and Lambda strains, and there was debate about their efficacy against new strains of the virus. Further, there was concern about breakthrough cases and waning antibodies. Some countries, such as Israel, advocated for the use of booster shots to increase efficacy, though WHO cautioned against the use of third jabs. 

Vaccine rollouts varied from country to country, with Israel being one of the first countries to gain major percentages of its population being vaccinated. Countries like Israel rushed to domestically create vaccines or secure deals with pharmaceutical companies. In the United States of America, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided emergency-use provisions for the Pfizer vaccine. 

In some countries, such as Israel, coronavirus passports have been created. Coronavirus passports like Israel’s Green Pass document the vaccination status of a citizen, allowing them to freely associate with the rest of the population. Critics assert that coronavirus passports represent an extreme violation of liberties.

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A health worker is seen preparing to administer the a third COVID-19 booster shot (illustrative).

COVID-19 booster shots are crucial, according to a Yale study

New study by Yale, UNC, shows that peak antibody levels achieved by getting vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine exceed those gained from natural infection.

Researchers create COVID-19 antibodies from eggs - study

Researchers say that birds are ideal for producing antibodies quickly and cheaply, and these could potentially be used to treat or help prevent COVID-19.

Moderna: New booster protects better against variants

Moderna said it is simultaneously developing an additional vaccine adapted to Omicron and based on BA.4/5, in accordance with the latest FDA guidelines

Americans no longer see COVID-19 as a public health threat - poll

For the first time since a March 2020 Pew Research Center poll, most Americans don't see the coronavirus as a threat to public health.

Feiglin: Those under 30 need to avoid COVID-19 vaccine 'like fire'

The former MK called vaccinating little kids a "heinous act" • The Health Ministry: "Nonsense said by someone with no understanding or knowledge on the topic"

COVID-19 hero: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla reflects on the past, future

Bourla revealed that he would donate the $1 million award to building a Holocaust museum in his hometown in an interview for The Jerusalem Post.


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla receives honorary doctorate from Technion

Bourla was recognized for his exceptional leadership in developing the first safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, which remains the gold standard for vaccines against the novel coronavirus.

COVID-19: Vaccine recommended by committee for children 6 months-5 years

The Pandemic Response Committee recommended that children in Israel between the ages of 6 months and five years may soon be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Almost 20 million people saved due to COVID-19 vaccines in first year

One in five lives lost in low-income countries due to COVID could have been prevented with proper vaccine access.

What we don't know about the next COVID-19 wave

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Major guidelines, such as masks on planes or testing to travel, may have been canceled, but we wonder when the government – here or elsewhere – will grasp at these guidelines again.

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