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25,000 rally against deportation of migrants in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square

Multiple migrants addressed the rally, recounting harrowing tales of escaping from violent Sudanese militias and evading a forced labor draft in Eritrea.

DAVID BITAN seen at the Knesset last year

Police question coalition chair Bitan in mass arrest of senior officals

Likud MK David Bitan is accused of accepting a bribe during his time as chairman of Rishon Lezion's zoning board.

Tel Aviv protest

Thousands protest in TA against government corruption

“This is dangerous because the government is trying to hide everything to protect themselves,” one protester said.

Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with Women’s March

Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv in solidarity with Women’s March

Demonstrators chanted "to be a Jew is to demand rights."


Thousands take to Tel Aviv streets to protest gas deal

Four other protests took place simultaneously throughout the country, including outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, as well as the premier's home in Caesarea.

Hezi Dean levitation trick

WATCH: Illusionist 'levitates' outside Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center

Hezi Dean draws crowds to central Tel Aviv for levitation trick.

Protestation contre la pénurie de logements

Près de ses sous et loin de ses peurs

Une fois de plus, la campagne a délaissé les thèmes sociaux. Mais un jour viendra peut-être où la cherté de la vie reprendra ses droits. Et où l’électeur aura droit à de vrais débats

rabin square

Prime minister to attend 'United for the land of Israel' counter-rally in Tel Aviv

Bayit Yehudi's Naftali Bennett, and Yachad's Eli Yishai also to attend in bid to consolidate right-wing before Tuesday's elections.

TA rally against high price of rent last week

Tens of thousands rally in Tel Aviv for affordable housing

In largest social demonstration in years, people march from Habima Square to TA Museum, chanting “we want social justice, not charity”; PM expected to unveil plan to address housing shortage; around 20 arrested.

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