israel iran attack

Israel-Hamas War Day 199: What's going on in Gaza, Syria, Iraq?

Terror attack in Jerusalem • IDF intelligence head resigns •Kataib Hezbollah fire rockets at US military base • Fatah admits Hamas kills aid workers to steal food

Iranian FM: Israeli weapons are ‘toys for our children to play with’

Abdollahian said that the only reason that Iran had not successfully hit Haifa, Tel Aviv or any major port was because Iran’s “red lines [were] civilians…We only had a military purpose.”

Blinken: US not involved in Iranian strike, seeks de-escalation

The US and Western powers have urged Israel to constrain its response, but Israel has insisted that it must strike back because such a missile attack can not be normalized.

Voices from Jerusalem: Responses to Iran's missile barrage

With over 300 ballistic and cruise missiles and drones launched, individuals from various backgrounds discuss the impact of global alliances, and the broader consequences for regional stability.


Official Iranian sources refuse to attribute attack to Israel, minimize impact

Analysts noted a general trend within formal circles in the Islamic Republic attempting to minimize the attack and its implications.


Iran attack highlighted Israel's growing network of friends in the Arab world

The defeat of the Iranian missile and drone assault was a stunning victory for Israel: not just militarily, but also in terms of building friendships in the Arab world.

Iran’s attack overshadows Palestinian bid for UN membership - analysis

The world, within weeks of Hamas’s barbarism, once again became intoxicated with the idea of a Palestinian state, thinking that this will be the magic potion to all the Middle East’s problems.


Lula's foreign policy cause of Brazil's weak condemnation of Iran's attack, experts report

Since Lula's third term began, Brazil, once a constructive and moderate voice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has pivoted to support the Palestinians at the expense of its ties with Israel.


Israel-Hamas War: What happened on day 194?

IDF destroys launchers in Gaza • Rocket directly hits building in north • US shoots down Houthi UAVs •IDF destroys Hezbollah launchers in Lebanon

Blinken tells Jewish leaders in the US does not want Israel to ‘escalate’ after Iran attack

There was some pushback from the centrist and right-wing Jewish officials present, who called on the United States to support whatever decision Israel makes.

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