Israel trail

Cyclamens grow near an Israel Trail mark in Britai

First segment of Israel National Trail canceled for safety reasons

The segment of the Israel National Trail between Kibbutz Dan and Tel Hai was a security risk because it went along dangerous roads.

Take a hike up north in Ramat Hanadiv

The Romans were clever enough to recognize this place as a local treasure and build some structures around the spring for leisure, including a few baths, small swimming pools and a spa.


Israel Trail Live program boasts A-List cast for outdoor shows

You may want to find the Trail gig spot nearest your home, or make a whole day or weekend of it, head for some location further afield and take the opportunity to spend a while in more rural spaces.


Conquering the Israel Trail

Six people, including native-born Israelis and new and veteran olim, share about their experiences on the trail.

On the Israel Trail: A love letter to Israel

Some people complete the trail a bit at a time over a period of years; others, like Moss and her husband and son, hike the entire trail in one go.

Walking through the Talmud and the land of Israel

How could I, a middle-aged, not-particularly-learned, not-particularly-athletic mother of six find the time, the energy, the drive and the understanding to learn Talmud and hike the Israel trail?

Diana and Donald Rich and their dog Taffy on the Israel Trail

The changes that come from traveling the Israel trail

The Israel Trail was inaugurated in 1995, the brainchild of Avraham Tamir, who was inspired by hiking the Appalachian Trail.

A QUIET forest section of the INT in the Jerusalem foothills between Srigim/Li’on and Tel Azeka, nea

Government votes to extend Israel trail to Jerusalem

Throughout its 22-year history, the trail has not included Jerusalem nor crossed the Green Line into sites in Area C of the West Bank.

An Israeli street

Moments in time

Haim Watzman has gathered together 24 of his touching and thought-provoking short stories.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
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