Israeli flag

Israel’s flag was once a consensus and it should be again - opinion

The question of the national flag continues to create storms of controversy.

Israel shouldn't ban the Palestinian flag - editorial

A strong, confident country is not spooked or unnerved by someone else’s flag. Israel’s sovereignty is not at risk because of some Palestinian flags.

Teens in Lod, Nazareth arrested for disgracing Israeli flags

A 16-year-old from Nazareth pulled down an Israeli flag and a number of 13-15-year-olds from Lod who trampled on the flag were arrested on Tuesday morning.

The Israeli flag should be flown freely at Bar-Ilan dorms - opinion

Bar-Ilan University students received an email prohibiting the display of any flag in the dorms, including the Israeli flag.


Bar-Ilan University allows only Israeli flags to be hung in dorms

The ban on flags by Electra is still in place, just not for Israeli flags • Nesya Liberman: "The general ban on flags violates freedom of expression and should never have been instituted"


Arab soccer players erase Israeli flags from uniforms

A number of Arab soccer players erased the Israeli flag from their uniforms during a showcase match at the FIFA Arab Cup.

An Israeli flag [Ilustrative]

On This Day: The Israeli flag is formally adopted

The original version of the Israeli flag had been used as the symbol of Zionism since 1897.

French immigrants knit large Israeli flag in honor of COVID victims

Behind the entire initiative was Deborah Fesber, an immigrant from France who lives in Tel Aviv.

Police to decide whether to allow nationalist flag march in Jerusalem

Meretz leader Nitzan Horowitz attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for trying to “burn down the country on his way out of Balfour.”

Jerusalem Flag March cancelled after police reject Damascus Gate route

Originally, the march was scheduled to pass through the Damascus Gate near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

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