Jerusalem day

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What does the future hold for east Jerusalem?

For the past few years negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been stuck, but regardless, it seems clear that in the near future Jerusalem will not be partitioned.


Jerusalem Day: How well do you know the Holy City's history?

In Jerusalem presents you with 10 questions about the capital, reflecting the story of this extraordinary city.


Meet the Yakirei Yerushalayim award winners 2021

The awards special recognition to residents for their contributions to benefit Jerusalemites of all ages.


Mayor Moshe Lion gets candid on the future ahead of Jerusalem Day

After serving half his tenure, has Jerusalem's mayor fulfilled his promises?


Jerusalem Day: Fight fires at home, avoid crossfires abroad - opinion

As fires rage around the world – COVID, race wars, antisemitism – we are again privileged to be precisely here, fighting our own battles instead of being caught in the crossfire of others’.

Jerusalem Day: Capital is young, diverse, growing

“The future of Jerusalem is the future of the State of Israel," President Reuven Rivlin said. “Jerusalem is a microcosm of our existence."


Jerusalem Day: Ethiopian Israelis remember the 4000 who died in Sudan

On Monday, institutions across Israel will commemorate the victims who tried to make aliyah from Ethiopia, in an effort to highlight a side of Zionist history that doesn't often get told.

Jerusalem Day: A unified capital remains divided - editorial

The lack of clarity over the status of the Palestinians living in Jerusalem and the lack of a vision making Jerusalem a truly undivided city remains elusive.

Reflections on Yom Yerushalayim

Why can’t we create a Yom Yerushalayim ritual that contrasts the suffering and the redemption, the dream and the fulfillment?


Jerusalem Day messages to be projected on Old City walls

President Reuven Rivlin and Israeli celebrities such as Yehoram Gaon, Rivka Michaeli and Miriam Peretz all posted Jerusalem Day greetings.

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