Jerusalem day

US Congress members celebrate Jerusalem Day on Capitol Hill

The Congressional Israel Allies Caucus and its 60+ members have met annually to mark Jerusalem Day since 2006, when the Pro-Israel caucus was established.

Why I don't celebrate Jerusalem Day - comment

We also talk a lot about the unity of Jerusalem, even though this “unity” is fiction.

Who hijacked Jerusalem Day?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: What began as a national festival has become a celebration of sectarianism and triumphalism, like Northern Ireland’s Orange marches

Not everyone who celebrates on Jerusalem Day are extremists - opinion

Jerusalem Day is a day for Israel to take pride in the reunification of Jerusalem after it was recaptured in the Six Day War.


Jerusalem Day terrorist attack thwarted, Israel Police reveals

A 21-year-old attempted attacker, a resident of Nablus, had intended to carry out a terror attack on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day. 

Jerusalem: A love song for a city

For most of my life, Jerusalem was never real to me. It was a name I came across in books of Bible stories as a child.

What stopped Hamas from attacking Israel on Jerusalem Day?

“Instead of rockets, Hamas chose to attack Israel with fiery statements,” said a Palestinian journalist, adding that Gazans were expecting war.

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