Jerusalem day

Can Jerusalem live up to its diversity?

Jerusalem Day is a good opportunity to remind us all that Jerusalem’s power stems from the wealth of its communities and its diversity.

Israeli youth celebrate 'March of Flags' on Jerusalem Day, near the Damascus Gate, June 2, 2019
The limits of annexation: Consider Jerusalem's exprience since 1967

Middle Israel: 75% of Jerusalem's Arabs live under the poverty line as opposed to 29% of its Jews.

Jerusalem Day celebrations at the Western Wall - WATCH

Join the State of Israel in prayer and song as we mark the day that the Holy City of Jerusalem was reunified 53 years ago.

Jerusalem Day 2019.
Jerusalem Day in photos

Increasingly over the past few years, tens of thousands have visited our venerable-modern capital city on this significant date, mainly young men with knitted kippot and women in white blouses.

The 'Vilna Gaon Map' is believed to be a copy of a map drawn by the Gaon
The epidemic that brought Jews back to Jerusalem

Fleeing a Galilean plague, a handful of the Vilna Gaon’s students rewrote the holy city’s history

HANANEL EVEN HEN and Shiran Habush celebrate during their corona-era wedding at an Efrat public park
Taking a look at two millennia of Jerusalem customs

Not only is Jerusalem mentioned some 850 times in the Bible and dozens of times in the siddur, our love for Jerusalem was also expressed in the form of laws and customs after the Destruction.

Ethiopian Jews and the yearning for Jerusalem

Jerusalem Day was chosen as the perfect date to mark the long and painful journey so many Ethiopian Jews had to take to reach Israel.

Israel Allies Caucus Chairmen meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu at the IAF Chairman's Conference
Christian leaders from Latin America, Europe praise Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day is being celebrated from sundown on May 21 to sundown May 22 this year.

The Six Day War
Jerusalem Day – When the dream became the reality

“Ten measures of beauty were given to the world; Jerusalem received nine, while the rest of the world received one.” (Talmud Kiddushin 49)

On Jerusalem Day, a live virtual event to be broadcasted for Diaspora Jews

The event will be broadcast on the the World Zionist Organization YouTube and Facebook pages, Yaakov Hagoel and B'nai B'rith International on Thursday May 21, 2020 between 2-5 p.m. Israel time

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