Legal reforms

The Israeli Left's 'economic tsunami' claim is just another trick - opinion

The Left is running a broad-scale scare campaign about the judicial reform plans. This is an old trick that has been pulled by the Israeli Left repeatedly.

Blinken's judicial reform comments are a US-Israel turning point - opinion

What gives the visit the potential to be a defining moment is that this is not the way the US tends to talk about Israel.


Netanyahu can't work on legal reforms due to conflict of interest - A-G

There is no restriction on Justice Minister Yariv Levin or on Law and Justice Committee chairman Simcha Rothman.

Blinken's visit shows US concern for Israeli domestic turmoil - editorial

Although the proposed legal reform is clearly a domestic issue, Blinken showed that he, as a friend, is concerned about the country’s planned judicial overhaul and widespread protests.

What are the 4 components of Israel's judicial reform? - opinion

The proposal does not deal with many issues that remain to be corrected but the government emphasizes that it will introduce additional components of the reform in the future.


Engage moderate religious Zionists on Israeli judicial reform - opinion

If those who are against the “reform” of the legal system really want to move the needle, they should try and engage with moderate religious Zionists.


Gov't legal advisor describes judicial reform bill proposals as 'extreme'

Bligh issued his warning in discussion papers ahead of the Sunday committee session for the bill which seeks to amend Israel's judiciary system.

Judicial overhaul will boost economy, Netanyahu tells nervous entrepreneurs

Netanyahu met with Papaya Global and Disruptive Technologies Venture Capital after they said they planned to pull out of Israel over judicial reform concerns.

Why does Israel's gov't think the Supreme Court is too powerful? - opinion

Returning Israel's Supreme Court to the pre-Aharon Barak juridical culture of restraint is a necessary process.

Israel's judicial reforms weaken democracy - opinion

The time has arrived to devote some months to drafting and adopting a written constitution, which is the only democratic way for Israel to reform.

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