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Iran still denying inspectors 'essential' access to workshop - IAEA

The UN nuclear watchdog is unable to tell whether Iran's centrifuge-parts workshop at the TESA Karaj complex is operational.


Menachem Begin's enduring legacy - interview with Center's CEO

I was amazed by the courage and daring of our prime minister, the government, and the leadership of the army to take such a brave action.


Herzog asks Colombian president, as IAEA board member, to crack down on Iran

The president asked Colombia, which was recently admitted to the IAEA, to help combat Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Israel ‘will do what it needs to’ against a nuclear Iran, Bennett says

“Iran poses a strategic threat to the world and an existential threat to Israel, and they ought not to be allowed to get away with it," said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

COP26: Iran at the fore in Bennett’s meetings at climate conference

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with few other world leaders in bilateral meetings during the United Nations Climate Conference. Iran was a running theme.

Biden pledges US response to Iran drone strikes, calls for renewed talks

The US Treasury has issued new sanctions against Iran's drone program in the aftermath of an attack against US forces in Syria.

Detailed satellite images of Dimona nuclear facility free-to-access

Detailed satellite images of Dimona nuclear facility are free-to-access thanks to a Trump-era change in regulations.


Iran feeds highly enriched uranium into more machines at Natanz -IAEA

Iran has yet to announce a date to resume discussions in Vienna about reviving the 2015 nuclear pact under which it curbed its nuclear program for relief from US, EU, and UN economic sanctions.


China tested nuclear-capable, hypersonic space weapon - FT

The Chinese military's hypersonic capabilities are "far more advanced than US officials realized."


Iran warns Israel against more 'military adventures'

Iran's UN ambassador warned Israel against threatening Iran.

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