Red Cross

Pierre Krahenbuhl Commissioner-General of the UNRWA attends a news conference in Geneva

US Senate foreign relations committee pens letter for reconsideration of new ICRC head

The Red Cross has been heavily scrutinized for failing to visit Israeli hostages and not reporting that the hostages had been taken to Shifa Hospital. 

Prince William must support the Jewish community by listening to it

The Prince of Wales’ visit to the British Red Cross came on the same day as a statement made by His Royal Highness, giving his perspective on the Israel-Hamas war.

Is the Red Cross really neutral on Israel?

Jewish distrust of the ‘middle man’ organization – accused of refusing to deliver vital medications to hostages – dates back to the Holocaust.

Activists fast in 136 hour hunger strike for Gaza hostages in Geneva

The six activists, fasting one hour per hostage held captive in Gaza, wish to protest against the Red Cross for its "ineffectual response" to the crisis.

Israel blocks information on detained Hamas terrorists to Red Cross

An N12 report last week revealed that Israel intended to hand over information regarding Hamas terrorists taken from Gaza and jailed in Israel.

Qatar: Extremist Israeli statements complicating hostage talks

On Monday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the French Minister of the Armed Forces that Israel had not yet received any verification that the medications had reached the hostages.

Israel, Red Cross agree to share information on Gazans detained by IDF

The defense establishment reportedly supports the disclosing of information, which was raised following a petition filed to the High Court against the Israel Prison Service on the issue.

Americans must demand release of fellow citizens from Hamas - opinion

For the past 100 days, innocent men, women, and children have been subjected to the horrors of captivity at the hands of Hamas, a group known for its brutality and disregard for human rights. 


Talks underway to deliver medicine to hostages - report

136 Israeli hostages have been held in Gaza for almost 100 days, many with chronic diseases. Their conditions are deteriorating due to the harsh circumstances of their captivity.

Erdan to ICRC rep: Red Cross 'covers up' Hamas's heinous crimes

The ambassador emphasized that it is clear that if Hamas regains its capabilities, it will attempt to carry out another massacre against Israeli civilians.

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