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Denmark passes bill to ban Quran burnings

The issue garnered attention in the region after a planned Torah burning was approved by Sweden before being scrapped by the organizers, whose goal to ban the burning of all holy books.

Simchat Torah at the Kotel (Western Wall), Jerusalem, October 2018.

Torah scrolls to be written at Western Wall, dedicated Gaza hostages, fallen soldiers

Special prayers will also be held in the complex for the swift return of hostages and the health and safety of those suffering and serving the nation.

Vezot habracha: The blessing of the Torah

The parsha opens with: “This is the blessing with which Moses, the man of God, blessed the Israelites farewell before he died” (Deut. 33:1).

Simchat Torah: The joy of Torah and the prayer for rain - opinion

It is a fitting benediction to end the festival of Simchat Torah and Sukkot, in which three times we are commanded to rejoice.

On the eve of Simchat Torah - are women allowed to touch the Torah?

There is a common misconception that menstruating women are not allowed to touch the Torah. However, halachic sources dating back to the Talmud do not support such an assertion.


Parashat Shoftim: Values and power

Anyone who wields power must bear in mind the ethical teachings of the prophets, recognizing that values take precedence over power, and should guide those in power.

Sweden approves Torah burning in Stockholm outside Israeli embassy

Aliya and Integration Minister Ofir Sofer expressed strong condemnation of the woman's intention to burn the Torah.


19 historic Torah scrolls moved to genizah at Mount of Olives

When Torah scrolls and other sacred texts are damaged in a way that cannot be repaired, they must be placed in a "genizah."

Is Turkey trying to put Jews in the middle of Sweden-Ankara tensions? - analysis

Pro-government and state media in Turkey appear to be trying to put Sweden's Jewish minority in the middle of the controversy.

Reading a torah scroll

UAE museum unveils Torah scroll that survived the Holocaust in tolerance push

The display was unveiled for International Holocaust Remembrance Day would help combat "big denial" of the Holocaust in the region.

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