Israeli society unites on religion, torn over military issues since October 7

Showing how Israeli religious and non-religious Jews have united during wartime, the study reflected that 18% of Israelis now believed there to be strong conflicts between religious and non-religious

'We are proud to defend the country': Kibbutz Movement commemorates its 3,422 fallen

In the past year, an additional 322 fallen and murdered from among the Kibbutzim Movements were added - most of them were victims of the October 7 Massacre and casualties of the war that followed.


Settler group wins case on demolishing 'threatening' structure built over Route 398, West Bank

The High Court found in the groups's favor and ordered the government to explain why it had failed to enforce the law, within a time limit of two weeks.

Apartheid or no Jewish majority: Israel's settlement dilemma

Israel's former ambassador to South Africa writes: The choice between apartheid and the end of the Jewish majority is fast approaching.


Zvi Sukkot: 'After the war - we will promote settlement in the Gaza Strip'

When asked who would be in charge of Gaza after the war, Zvi Sukkot said, "I can tell you who would not be, not the PA, not Hamas, and not any other party that will commit terrorism."

By 103FM

Journalist says the IDF needs haredim to safeguard West Bank settlements

Reporter and military commentator Yossi Yehoshua spoke with Ben Caspit and Prof. Aryeh Eldad about IDF Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yehuda Fox's plan to recruit ultra-Orthodox.

By 103FM

Israeli minister launches attack on Netanyahu, calls to resettle Gaza

Minister Yitzhak Wasserlauf claimed that "total victory" over Hamas would require Jewish resettlement in the Gaza Strip.

Your taxes: claiming VAT back on war security expenses

Israeli settlements can now claim back VAT on two-thirds of war security expenses, based on new tax guidance.


Goldknopf: Response to terrorism - building homes in Binyamin

Minister of Construction Yitzhak Goldknopf aims to counter terrorism by fast-tracking a new settlement with thousands of homes near the attack site, following government approval.

EU condemns expansion of 'illegal settlements across the occupied West Bank'

"The European Union firmly condemns the announcement by Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich that over 800 hectares of land in the occupied Palestinian territory."

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