South Africa

South Africa is a nation at the southern end of Africa, with a population of around 62 million. 

A former British colony, it is one of the most geopolitically significant countries in the region and possesses influence on the world stage as a member of the G20. 

Home to a very diverse population, South Africa also has a sizeable Jewish community, thought to be the 12th largest in the world, said to number between 52,000 and 75,000 Jews.

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America is next: South African minister says countries aiding Israel liable for ICC prosecution

“[Speaker Johnson] said that if the ICC is allowed to threaten Israel's leaders, then we know that America will be next. Our response is: Of course!" Pandor exclaimed.


South Africa election set to end three decades of ANC dominance

Vote tallying from Wednesday's poll was entering the final stages on Saturday morning, with results in from 98% of polling stations giving the ANC 40.15%.


South Africa quietly excludes citizens in Israel from voting amid growing tensions

SAZF noted that while DIRCO criticized Israel for denying Palestinians their rights, “it is ironic that the SA government is willing to deny their own citizens’ rights..." when beneficial for them.

South African Jewish community condemns president's chant of 'from the river to the sea'

The board released a statement which read, "The President of the ruling ANC party and the Head of State of a democratic country has called for the elimination of the only Jewish State."

'Most consequential election since 1994,' Says Democratic Alliance leader regarding SA elections

South Africa's highly competitive election saw voters express dissatisfaction with the ANC's 30-year rule, citing unemployment, crime, and corruption, while opposition parties sought change.


Released Hamas hostage, Sapir Cohen, visits South Africa to inspire and bring hope

"I wanted to share the truth of October 7 and to campaign for the release of all hostages including my boyfriend Sasha Trupanov."

'Your bias is outrageous': WSJ editorial condemns ICJ ruling against Israel

"The inversion of international law is something to behold: Hamas slaughters Israeli civilians and hides behind its own so that Israel stands accused.”

Mexico files declaration of intervention in South Africa ICJ case against Israel

Mexico has become the latest country to invoke Article 63 in ICJ legal proceedings against Israel

Explainer: ICJ ruling on Rafah operations creates legal uncertainty

The International Court of Justice's ambiguous language has led to differing interpretations regarding Israel's military actions in Rafah.

IDF soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip, May 21, 2024.

'Rafah op. doesn't contradict ICJ ruling, we will continue,' Israel says

Israeli officials affirmed that in lieu of the ICJ's ruling, IDF activity in Rafah has not, and would not destroy the Palestinian people, and was in compliance with international law.

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