tank defense system

 Merkava Mk. 4 tanks
Israel's Merkava crowned one the world's deadliest tanks

The Merkava is also one of the first armored vehicles to be equipped with the Trophy Active Protection System (APS).

Tanks on display at the Royal Tank Museum in Jordan
WATCH: Jordan displays military tech Israel faced in early wars

The Royal Tank Museum, inaugurated in January by King Abdullah, has been carefully selecting and refurbishing military vehicles for close to 10 years.

A Namer APC trains for combat in urban areas
IDF expands infantry use of advanced APC

Namer, Hebrew for leopard, is outfitted with the Trophy anti-tank missile protection system.

US Army close to giving go-ahead to install Israeli tank defense technology

The US Army would then be the first army outside the IDF to use the system.

APC turret
APC weapons upgrade advances urban warfare

The IDF's Namer and Eitan vehicles will be fitted with new weaponry.

Members of the 82 Battalion, a part of the 7 Armored Brigade, begin their conversion training course
The first Hebrew tank battalion switches to Merkava MK 4 tanks

Deputy battalion commander: In asymmetric warfare era, the tank is what gives us the advantage.

 IronVision helmet
Troops can see through armored vehicles with Israeli firm's new helmet

Elbit Systems unveils new helmet mounted system deigned to allow armored personnel carrier and tank crews to see straight past their armor.

Hafiz missile launcher, used to fire the Tamuz
The artillery brigade that can send missiles into a living room window

The David's Sling Brigade was originally created to strike advancing tank formations; Now it is preparing for urban warfare against Israel's asymmetrical enemies.

Defense Ministry unveils first Namer APC with Trophy anti-missile system

Rafael-produced system will enable troop transporter to move across battlefields rife with anti-tank and RPG threats.

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