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Edward Malinoff, Jewish logistics manager for the US Navy dies of COVID

Malinoff remembered the lyrics to songs from old movies with great accuracy despite having dementia in his later years.


US destroyer docks in Sudan for the first time in decades

Some 300 marines standing at attention aboard the USS Winston Churchill were greeted by a Sudanese military band in Port Sudan.


Biden orders USS Nimitz aircraft carrier home in possible signal to Iran

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin instructed the carrier and and the 5,000 sailors and Marines of its strike group to return home after being deployed for over 240 days.

The 'USS Nimitz' turns around: US 100,000-ton message to Iran

Ninety-six hours after being told to come home the 'Nimitz' got another order to “halt its routine redeployment” and remain on station.

US warships transit Taiwan Strait, China denounces 'provocation'

The US Navy said the guided missile destroyers USS John S. McCain and USS Curtis Wilbur had "conducted a routine Taiwan Strait transit Dec. 31 in accordance with international law."


Boeing, US Navy successfully complete test flight of unmanned aerial refueler

The passing of this important step is giving the unmanned aerial refueler hope for a promising future.

US Navy to scrap USS Bonhomme Richard after damage in possible arson

The decommissioning process will take nine months to a year and will cost an estimated $30 million.


Russia chases off US warship in row over waters in Sea of Japan

Such incidents at sea are rare, but they underscore the poor diplomatic and military relations between Russia and the United States.


Sailors stranded on tiny Micronesian island saved by SOS sign in sand

The three men had embarked on Saturday on a 42 km trip from Poluwat to Pulap atolls, islands that are part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

An SH-60 Sea Hawk flies over the U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship USS Boxer during a vertical reple

How a US Navy base in the Gulf tackles coronavirus

"It is necessary for everyone to assume that they are infected at all times," said base commanding officer Captain Greg Smith, citing learning about asymptomatic carriers of the virus.

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