The Pentagon (Aerial view)

Pentagon asks US forces in South Korea to provide equipment for Ukraine

The statement comes after the New York Times reported earlier this week the United States was diverting munitions from Israel and South Korea to Ukraine for use in the war against Russia.


Russia says British tanks sent to Ukraine 'will burn'

Britain announced on Saturday that it will send 14 of its main tanks to Ukraine as well as advanced artillery support.


Russia produces first nuclear warheads for Poseidon super torpedo - TASS

Putin said in 2018 that the Poseidon was a fundamentally new type of strategic nuclear weapon with its own nuclear power source.


US may not maintain military support for Ukraine, Navy secretary says

However, several key US security officials have expressed concern over continued and potential escalations in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Israel to UK: Designate Iran's IRGC as a terror organization

"Such a step would send an unequivocal message to the Iranian terrorist regime against the terrorist activities it leads in the Middle East and around the world."

US Navy intercepts over 2,000 assault rifles headed from Iran to Yemen

This is the third shipment of lethal aid from Iran to Yemen intercepted by the US in the past two months.

UK considering giving battle tanks to Ukraine - Sky report

Supplying tanks would represent a significant step up in Western support to Ukraine, but the British government has not yet taken a final decision on the matter.


US includes 50 Bradleys in new $2.8 billion weapons package to Ukraine

The latest security package for Ukraine is expected to be unveiled on Friday, US officials said.


Russia to modernize nuclear forces in 2023, add more multi-warhead nukes

Russia to introduce new multi-warhead nuclear missiles in invasion of Ukraine

IDF's Shivta base robbed under soldier's noses

Thieves broke into a base and stole two vehicles and the soldiers didn't even notice.

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