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Photo by: Courtesy Yazel Shavit Communications
PA minister claims Western Wall as Palestinian land
Mahmoud al Habbash demands Western Wall be returned to PA, yet remain open to Jewish worship.
Jerusalem, including the Western Wall, rightfully belongs to the Palestinians, PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud al Habbash stated in a Channel 10 interview Monday.

"There will not be peace without putting an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967. Every piece of land that Israel conquered then belongs to the Palestinians," claimed Habbash.

Habbash added that "all the holy places, including the Aksa mosque and the Western Wall" rightfully belong to the Palestinian Authority and must be returned as well.

When asked whether Jews will be able to pray at the Western Wall, Habbash said that politics and religion are two separate things and that there will be no religious limitations.

"Ahalan Wasahalan! [Welcome, Welcome!] All may worship as they wish under the Palestinian Authority," exclaimed Habbash.

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