Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni Islamic terrorist organization that operates primarily in Gaza and the West Bank, with holdings in Arab countries throughout the Middle East. 

Hamas was an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood political movement, and was established in 1987 in the wake of the First Intifada.  According to Hamas’s charter, the organization was established to liberate Palestine from Israel in order to establish an Islamic state. It holds aspirations on all territory between the Mediterranean seas and the Jordan river, and refuses to acknowledge Israel in any capacity. 

The group has a military wing, known as the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Hamas has used a wide range of tactics, but it does not discriminate in its targets, and often targets civilians. It is recognized by most Western states as a terrorist organization. Hamas has engaged in a number of military confrontations with Israel. Its military wing has employed tactics such as suicide bombings, rocket attacks, kidnapping attempts, and tunnel infiltrations against Israeli soldiers and civilians. 

In 2006, the Palestinians held legislative elections in Gaza, but when Hamas won, there was a civil war, and Hamas seized full control of the Strip. Under Hamas, Gaza has been in a longstanding state of conflict with Israel. From the 2005 Israeli disengagement onwards, Hamas has continued to commit terrorist attacks against Israelis from Gaza, and several operations have been fought to quell Hamas attacks, including 2008's Cast Lead, 2011's Pillar of Defense, 2014's Protective Edge, and 2021's Guardian of the Walls.

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Hamas calls for mass Nakba Day ascent to Temple Mount

Sunday marks both Nakba Day and Pesach Sheni (Second Passover), and both Hamas and Jewish Temple Mount activist organizations called for people to visit, setting up a potential clash.

Israel, Hamas: A powder keg waiting for a spark to set it off

MILITARY AFFAIRS: One year since Operation Guardian of the Walls, not much has changed in the tense standoff between Hamas and Israel.

PALESTINIANS HOLD POSTERS of Mohammad El Halabi, World Vision’s manager of operations in the Gaza St

World Vision verdict set for June 16 under pressure from High Court

The state prosecution accused El Halabi of assisting Hamas on the side of his humanitarian work, but he claims the charges were made to delegitimize Palestinian civil society.

Death of journalist in raid raises questions about IDF use of hi-tech - analysis

Even if Israel is in the wrong and Israeli troops killed a journalist that doesn’t mean that releasing details and admitting to faults isn’t worthwhile.

Arab world condemns Israel over death of Al Jazeera journalist

A swath of terrorist groups, Arab politicians and organizations, Arabic media and others blamed Israel for the death of Shireen Abu Akleh.

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the

Israel's High Court demands verdict date in World Vision case

After six years, the court must schedule a verdict by Thursday.

Gantz: We are dealing with terrorism based on lies

The military does not believe Hamas is behind the current wave of deadly attacks.

Terror attack at Damascus Gate, Israeli thwarts Palestinian infiltration in W. Bank

Border Police officer stabbed at Damascus gate, attacker shot * Palestinian attack thwarted in West Bank Tekoa settlement, terrorist killed

There is still no magic solution to terrorism, including killing Sinwar - analysis

Israel is seeing a wave of terrorism in which close to 20 people have been murdered in various terror attacks.


Israel must go on offensive to take war on terror away from the homefront - analysis

Terror attacks have risen in the last couple of months with the incitement of Yayha Sinwar and Hamas.

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