Coastal strip between Israel, Mediterranean and Egypt, containing 1.5 million Palestinians. Subject to restrictions from neighbors due to ongoing rocket fire and smuggling. Controlled by Hamas since 2007

Israeli Gaza evacuees remain traumatized 15 years after Disengagement

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The Disengagement began on August 15 in the Gregorian calendar, but in the Hebrew calendar, the events occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Tisha Be’av fast.

‘Leaving Gaza was right but no more evacuations’

Former general Agay Yehezkel, now Blue and White DG, recalls lessons from 2005 withdrawal

Gaza Disengagement was 'absolute mistake,' says withdrawal commander

Fifteen years later, Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Gershon HaCohen: Gaza withdrawal gave Hamas ability to increase rocket arsenal

Arrested former Hamas operative Az Aladdin Hussein
Shin Bet investigation of former Hamas operative reveals valuable intel

In 2013, Hussein was drafted to Hamas's military wing and served from 2018 until his arrest.

Gush Katif - Lessons of the Gaza withdrawal 15 years on

We owe it to ourselves and to the thousands of Jews who were banished to distill the lessons of that disaster and ensure that it never again recurs.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian effort donates water generator to Gaza hospital

The third water generator donation was made on behalf of joint cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian entities, and was donated to Gaza's second largest hospital.

Israeli soldiers stand next to balloons in a field near the border fence between Israel and Gaza
Explosive balloon found in southern Israel

Countless incendiary and explosive balloons have been launched by Gaza's terrorists in recent years.

IDF: Always searching for terror targets in Gaza

Military Affairs: Like a game of chess, both sides are trying to be one step ahead of the other.

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