May rains on the Kinneret, May 5, 2020
Kinneret at highest level in 27 years

The report noted that a contributing factor to the precipitous rise has been heavy rain falls over the past two years.

Mount Adir, in the upper Galilee
Mysterious fortress may hold key to solve enigmas of biblical Galilee

Pottery unearthed in the area reveals a mixture of Canaanite, Phoenician and even Cypriot influences.

Adriano Mazzini (University of Oslo, Norway) collects water sample for geochemical measurements
Research unveils Kinneret’s geological enigmas, may help predict quakes

Moreover, twelve seismic monitoring stations were installed in different parts of the Kinneret which registered all the minor earthquakes that occurred in the span of a year.

May rains on the Kinneret, May 5, 2020
Israel experiences rare second year of above-average rainfall

The last time two years were recorded with rainfall at this high of a level above average was from 1986-1988.

Is there now too much water in the Kinneret?

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS: If the water crosses the "upper red line," it might cause flooding in the surrounding city of Tiberias and infrastructure.

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