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PA raises salary for terrorists who killed 9 at Hebrew U

The 14.29% raise in the salaries of four terrorists coincided with the 20th anniversary of the bombing, which took place on Sunday.

Israeli settlers purchase Hebron home from Palestinian owner

The move is part of a long-term campaign by Hebron's Jewish community and their supporters to expand its property holding in the section of the city under IDF military control.

Palestinians protest arrests, torture by PA security forces

The detainees who are being held in PA prisons include university students, academics, political activists, as well as people suspected of affiliation with Hamas.

Cabinet authorizes to deduct ‘pay for slay’ payments from PA tax money

The Security Cabinet voted to deduct NIS 600 million from taxes for the Palestinian Authority, as long as the PA stops paying terrorists who attacked Israelis.

Hamas urges PA police officers to carry out terrorist attacks

Hamas praises terrorist, urges PA security forces to “clash with occupation forces and settlers to defend our people and our land.”

Palestinians launch initiative to change political system, rebuild institutions

The "National Rescue Initiative" by Nasser al-Kidwa seeks major reforms and changes in the Palestinian political system and institutions.

How to go on the offensive against anti-Zionists

From the Palestinian leadership’s misogyny, intolerance of LGBQT+, dictatorship-style treatment of journalists and their citizens, and kleptocracy: Narratives to go on the offensive.

What did Joe Biden's visit mean for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Palestinians?

Flights will be allowed over Saudi Arabia, but normalization is far away * No progress has been made on a defensive alliance against Iran * The Palestinians are dissapointed


Palestinian leaders are waging a war on Palestinians - opinion

How many Palestinians will be targeted and oppressed by their own leadership – for lack of a better term – before these self-proclaimed pro-Palestinian voices will speak up?

In northern West Bank, gunmen call the shots, tired of Palestinian Authority - analysis

Fatah and PIJ gunmen are flooding the streets of Nablus and Jenin. The PA won't stop them because they will look like "collaborators" with Israel.

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