The Palestinians are an Arab national group from the Southern Levant, predominantly the modern State of Israel.

Palestinians are predominantly Sunni Muslims, thought there are a minority of Christian and Shia Palestinians, as well as Druze and Samaritians that identify as Palestinian. There is dispute about when the Palestinian identity coalesced, be it in the post- or pre-war periods, and if it was an internal development or in direct response to the zionist movement.

The war that established Israel between Jewish and Arab forces resulted in a mass displacement of Palestinian Arabs. There is a significant diaspora of Palesitnians, especially in neighbouring Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs, of which many also identify as Palestinian. Many Diaspora Palesitnians, as well as those from families displaced from beyond the 1948 armistice lines, identify as refugees.

Many Palestinian political movements lay claim to all the land of Israel as the future Palestinian state. The Palestinian Authority is one of the pirmary bodies that governs the Palestinians, with varying degrees of control in the West Bank. Palestinians have autonomy in Gaza, which is under the rule of Hamas.

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Israel advances plan for 9,000 east Jerusalem homes in Atarot

The international community and the Palestinian Authority have condemned plans to build in an area located over the pre-1967 lines.

Not everything is about Palestine - opinion

These anti-Israel activists should not be welcomed in spaces where they cannot show genuine solidarity; these cynical hijackings show their true colors.

There is only one face to the terror group Hamas - editorial

Every aspect of Hamas is criminal and murderous. Over the years it tried to pretend it might change its ways, but in the recent war it fired 4,000 rockets at Israeli civilians.

PFLP-NGO ties are far from hidden - opinion

For over a decade, NGO Monitor’s research has exposed multiple links between the six designated NGOs (among others) and the PFLP.


Jerusalem terror shooting triggers intifada memories - analysis

Whenever there is a terrorist attack that results in deaths, it brings all the trauma of the second intifada back to the surface again.

People hold Hamas flags as Palestinians gather after performing the last Friday of Ramadan to protes

Why is Hamas popular in Jerusalem? - analysis

Hamas is perceived as having initiated the war to stop the Sheikh Jarrah evictions and force Israel to rescind its strict security measures in Jerusalem’s Old City and the all-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Palestinian Authority officers clash with Jenin gunmen

Clashes began shortly after security officers entered Jenin Refugee Camp to arrest Palestinians wanted by the PA for possession of illegal weapons and involvement in criminal activities.

Palestinians seek to turn China against Israel - opinion

Hamas Political Bureau deputy chairman Moussa Abu Marzouk: 'We would like China to stay away from the Zionist entity,' which stands in 'stark contrast to everything China symbolizes and aspires to.'

Spain flag

Dozens of Palestinians use Barcelona layover to seek asylum in Spain

It is the second attempt by a group of airline passengers to gain entry to Spain in less than two weeks.

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