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Knesset oks IDF soldiers in Mossad, Shin Bet, education

The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee recently approved IDF soldiers in prisons and the police.

Shin Bet catches Hamas agents spying in Israel

A Gaza citizen and an Israeli citizen were caught spying for Hamas within Israeli territory.

Terrorist cell uncovered by IDF, Shin Bet at largest PA university

11 Islamic bloc activists involved in Hamas operations in Judea and Samaria were arrested at An-Najah University.

The toxic discourse that endangers lives - opinion

This rhetoric places the threat of an attempted assassination as a real possibility, which must be prepared for.

Israeli security services must be wary of false confessions - opinion

False confessions are not an uncommon occurrence and are a recognized problem worldwide in the criminal justice system, especially in Israel, which gives inordinate weight to confessions.


High Court rejects suit against Shin Bet COVID tracking

The surveillance technology in question matches virus carriers' locations against other mobile phones nearby to determine their contacts.

SECURITY SURVEILLANCE monitors. Privacy advocates argue that even if the official transfer of data d

Gov’t privacy authority questions need for Shin Bet to track Omicron

There was a prior Knesset law authorizing Shin Bet tracking of the coronavirus, but it expired this past July.

COVID-19 Omicron: Government privacy authority questions Shin Bet tracking

On Sunday the Shin Bet had started tracking Omicron infected citizens on the basis of a government decision.

Shin Bet tracking of COVID-19 Omicron patients blocked by Arab party

A Joint List veto blocked the Knesset from voting on whether the Shin Bet security service can track people exposed to the COVID-19 Omicron variant.


High Court orders state to reply on Shin Bet corona tracking legality

This interim decision came only an hour after a number of human rights groups filed a petition requesting that the High Court declare the restoration to be illegal.

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