Palestinian Authority

HEADED TOWARD conflict? Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh arrives for a cabinet meeting
Having declared the Quartet a failure in the past, PA turns to it again

The Quartet is made up of representatives from the US, EU, Russia and the UN.

Palestinians offer negotiations days before planned annexation - report

The PA dispatched a letter on Monday addressed to the Quartet on the Middle East, stating that it's prepared to renew negotiations with Israel and agree to "minor territorial exchanges."

Tanzim commander to 'Post': No terror attacks in response to annexation

The Tanzim, he explained, has not received instructions to carry out terror attacks against Israel in response to its intention to apply its sovereignty to parts of the West Bank.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh speaks before the start of the weekly cabinet meeting i
Palestinians: No comment on ‘rumors’ concerning annexation

The officials also refused to comment on reports that claimed that the US administration has informed the Palestinians that the planned annexation would not include the Jordan Valley.

UN warns it cannot replace the Palestinian Authority

He referenced in particularly the permit system that allowed Palestinians in Gaza to leave the Strip, so they could receive emergency medical care in Israel.

PA announces aid package to Palestinians in Jordan Valley

After the meeting, the Palestinians held a rally to protest the annexation plan, the second of its kind this week.

It's time to look at the facts about annexation, Arab-Israeli conflict

This hostility to the very idea of Jewish people living in any functioning Jewish state remains the reason the reality on the ground has not changed.

PA PRESIDENT Mahmoud Abbas – ‘He makes threats and engages in fiery rhetoric as part of a strategy t
Abbas hints at dissolving PA in response to annexation

In the past, Abbas has made several threats to dismantle the PA and “and hand the keys back to Israel” in response to Israeli policies and decisions.

Rabbi Yechezkel Moskowitz
In any dispute you look at the facts

The Palestinian Authority continues its sickening “pay-for-slay” program its horrifically anti-Semitic educational programs, or its government-condoned hateful clerical sermons to the masses.

Friedman to Democrats: Palestinian Authority needs to condemn terror

US Ambassador to Israel responds to J Street-backed letter calling on him to condemn settler violence.

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