Greenpeace: 6 activists climb Russia's Arctic oil platform

MOSCOW - Activists climbed Gazprom's oil platform in the Arctic overnight to protest against plans by the Russian energy giant to drill in the environmentally important zone, Greenpeace said on Friday.
The activists "have taken up positions" on the platform and have enough supplies for "several days", Greenpeace said.
The group said three inflatable speedboats had approached the platform at the Prirazlomnoye oil field after 4 a.m. to let six people, including the organization's global chief Kumi Naidoo, climb it via mooring lines using ropes and ladders.
The Prirazlomnoye field, Russia's first Arctic offshore development, has been plagued by delays due to cost overruns and platform construction difficulties, with oil now expected to flow at the turn of the year.