'Israel can't risk a Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster'

Israel cannot risk an ecological disaster such as the one which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, Green Peace in Israel said late Sunday.
In a press release, Greenpeace questioned the lessons learned by the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in response to the estimates published by the Noble Energy company of oil reserves near the Israeli coast.
In the electronic publication, Green Peace explains that while US President Barack Obama is being heavily pressured to on end ocean oil drilling, Israelis are joyed at the discovery of potential oil drilling possibilities in the Mediterranean Sea.
The marine ecosystem in the Mediterranean is very sensitive says the organization, and is already being exploited beyond its capabilities. An oil spill, such as the one which hit the Gulf of Mexico, would be disastrous to ocean life.
Instead of wasting resources on energy which pollutes and is harmful, Green Peace said the focus should be on energy-saving efficiency and on the transition to clean energy.