Maduro says country facing 'armed insurgency,' thrashes chief prosecutor

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday  said his armed forces should prepare in "non-traditional combat methods" as they confront an "armed insurgency" as the country reels in political turmoil.
Demonstrators have been clashing with security forces for four months, often building barricades and lobbing rocks at security forces. At least 125 people have been killed in the unrest.
Speaking at a military event to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Venezuela's National Guard, Maduro also lambasted Venezuela's prosecutor's office, though he did not mention chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega by name.
Maduro said that if the prosecutor's office had, "acted courageously according to justice, all of these guarimberos (referring to violent opposition demonstrators) and criminals would have been captured, punished and imprisoned a long time ago."
Ortega, Venezuela's lead prosecutor and main challenger to Maduro from within the ruling socialist movement, has said in the past she is expecting to be fired after alleging human rights abuses and erosion of democracy under the country's leftist president during the four months of major anti-government protests.

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