'Netanyahu is using the elections to avoid being indicted' - Yachimovich

Netanyahu is using the elections to avoid being indicted, claimed opposition chairwoman MK Shelly Yachimovich in an event on Staurday.
The Attorney General is under immense pressure inflicted by Netanyahu, when the prime minister spreads lies against the A-G he creates incitement against the law authorities," Yachimovich claimed. "It is not the A-G who meddles with the elections, it is Netanyahu who used political measures to mess with legal proceedings by preceding the elections to avoid being indicted."
Yachimovich also related to Israel Resilience party leader Benny Gantz, claiming that "Gantz has yet to declare he will not join a Netanyahu-led government."
Yachimovich chose to defend Gantz by saying that she condemns any accusations against Gantz's failures as former IDF chief of Staff. "Unfortunately we live in a world where any fault is credited to the army and every achievement is credited to Netanyahu, it's repulsive."