Vatican and Rome Jewish community to host historic menorah exhibition

The Vatican and Rome's Jewish museum will jointly host an unprecedented exhibition on the menorah, the ancient symbol of Judaism, and try to put to rest legends on the fate of one candelabra missing for 15 centuries.
The May 15-July 23 exhibition, which Vatican and Jewish officials presented on Monday, will be held simultaneously in St. Peter's Square and in the Rome synagogue complex.
It will include about 130 menorah or depictions of them in paintings, ancient gravestones and sculptures, and medieval and Renaissance illustrations and manuscripts.
Nearly 20 world museums, including the Louvre and London's National Gallery, have contributed pieces.
Catholic and Jewish officials said the exhibition, called Menorah - Cult, History and Myth, was another sign of radically improved inter-religious relations since 1965, when the Second Vatican Council repudiated the concept of collective Jewish guilt for the death of Jesus.