Cool and fascinating places in Europe to escape Israeli summer heat in

The Israeli summer is unbearable for almost all of us, and there is no doubt that we would not refuse a short getaway to a cooler climate for a vacation.

(photo credit: LAURI DONAHUE)

The Israeli summer heat is unbearable for many, and there is no doubt that we would not refuse a short time in a cooler place. For this purpose, Maariv has compiled a number of such places in Europe that are both interesting and cool in the summer.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Dutch capital enjoys a pleasant summer even while its neighboring countries suffer from higher temperatures. For most of the summer, it's no problem to walk around all day along the canals next to the colorful buildings that distinguish the city without breaking a sweat.

Brechtsgaden, Bavarian Alps, Germany

The city is located at the southeastern end of the country on the Austrian border and is a real paradise. Adjacent to it lies Lake Funtensee, a picturesque lake in a high area known for its low temperatures. In the mornings the temperature reaches only eight degrees Celsius and up to 20 degrees during most of the summer. 

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

The ski town famous for the highest peak in Europe is incredibly cool all year round. In the summer, the temperatures reach a peak of 20 degrees in the summer.

If you want to cool off more, you can climb one of the mountain peaks adjacent to the town, and even go as far as the "Igola-de-Midi" peak, which is adjacent to Mont Blanc, at an altitude of almost 4,000 meters above sea level.  

 The city of Edinburgh, Scotland (credit: MAARIV)
The city of Edinburgh, Scotland (credit: MAARIV)

Copenhagen, Denmark

The temperatures in the Danish capital do not exceed 25 degrees at the height of summer, which makes it particularly attractive. In addition, thanks to its northern location in Europe, the sun in the country only sets around 22:00 in the summer, which guarantees you a pleasant and long day for a trip.

Edinburgh, UK

Fairytale castles and mesmerizing alleys are just part of the charm of Scotland's capital. Although the locals are used to wearing short clothes in the summer, keep in mind that the temperatures only hover around 15-20 degrees Celsius during the day. For Israelis, something warm for the evening is recommended.

Oslo, Norway

Similar to Copenhagen, the Norwegians also enjoy pleasant temperatures at the height of summer and many hours of daylight. Among the things you can do in the city are a visit to the magnificent forests, the monasteries in Oslo, a jump in the municipal sauna, a visit to the opera house or even the Viking museum.