Malmo Sweden sees antisemitism in schools, Nazi books in Arabic at public library

Mira Kelber, chairperson of Jewish Youth in Malmo, highlighted the fear among students, saying, "Many young people are afraid. They don't dare stand up and speak."


'Don't speak in our name': Group of fringe Swede Jews attack Israel

The group also tackled the issue of conflating criticism of Israel with antisemitism, claiming that "criticism of the state of Israel is not the same as antisemitism."


'Chanshi' creator disinvited from Stockholm film festival

The incident comes after a 'river to the sea' banner was raised at another film festival there.

Sweden's Crown Princess privately visited synagogue as solidarity with Jewish community

Aron Verständig, President of the Swedish Jewish Communities, expressed his gratitude and the broader significance of this visit.


Sweden to expel man behind recent Koran burning demos - TV4

Anti-Islam activists have burned several copies of the Koran in Sweden and Denmark.


Elbit subsidiary awarded Swedish army digitization contract

Israeli defense companies have seen unprecedented sales in recent years amid the growing concerns in Europe and elsewhere about threats to the global order.

Brussels gunman who killed two Swedes shot dead by police

"All European states are vulnerable," French President Macron said on Tuesday, speaking of a "resurgence of Islamist terrorism."


Nobel Prize accidentally reveals chemistry prize winners ahead of time

The award-giving institute said the decision was still hours away.


Sweden unearths one of the oldest cannons found in Europe

The item in question that was recovered is described by the university's website as a "small muzzle-loading cast copper-alloy cannon," and it's believed that its origins are tied to a shipwreck.

Iraq jails police for failing to halt torching of Swedish embassy after Quran burning

Hundreds of protesters stormed the Swedish embassy in Baghdad in July and set it on fire over a planned Quran burning in Stockholm.

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