Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz serves as Israel's Defense Minister and heads the Blue and White Party. 

He was born in Kfar Ahim, a moshav that his parents helped found. His mother was a Holocaust survivor and his father was arrested by British authorities for attempting to enter pre-State Israel. 

Gantz was drafted to the IDF in 1977 and served in the 1982 Lebanon war. He also participated in Operation Solomon, a covert mission that rescued Ethiopian Jews in 1991. 

After 38 years as the IDF's chief of staff, in 2018 Gantz announced the formation of a new political party, what would later become Blue and White. 

He earned a history degree from Tel Aviv University, a Political Science masters degree from Haifa University and a National Resource Management master’s degree from the United States National Defense University.

He and his wife, Revital, live in Rosh Ha’ayin. 

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