'Yup': Elon Musk affirms informal poll claiming pro-Hamas protesters are Democrat supporters

The informal poll found that 79.6% of X users believe that pro-Hamas protesters are supporters of the Democratic Party.

Trump’s attacks on early voting might ruin Republican election

Senator Ron Johnson urged Donald Trump to support early voting, fearing his anti-early voting stance could harm GOP chances in the upcoming election.


The 'Abandon Biden' movement rises in response to Gaza crisis, Muslims support Trump

Professor Hassan Abdel Salam resigns to lead the "Abandon Biden" movement, opposing Biden's reelection due to his stance on Gaza, aiming to shift US political support.


Majority of US voters support Israel, only support ceasefire if Hamas removed

Mean majority vote on concern for Israel, and antisemitism, was higher among Republican voters than Democrat voters.

House Speaker Mike Johnson invites PM Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress

Ynet also noted that Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer intended to sign the letter of invitation; Netanyahu agreed to the invitation, though a date for the speech has not yet been set. 

Democrats’ responses to ICC arrest warrants call ranges across ideological spectrum

Only a few of the Democratic Party’s most progressive members immediately commented on the ICC’s warrants request.

American Jews voting GOP? Fugheddaboutit

At the heart of today’s GOP Jewish problem is Trump himself. He has a long history of trafficking in antisemitic tropes, comments, dual loyalty accusations, and dog whistles for his followers.

GOP Congressman to ‘Post’: Bipartisan support for Israel goes back years, ‘I hope it doesn’t stop'

Congressman Calvert introduced the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, with a vote on it expected Thursday.

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks during a visit to Gateway Technical College in Sturtevant, W

House to vote on Republican-led bill requiring Biden to allow delivery of restricted weapons

US House to vote on "Israel Security Assistance Support Act" amid Biden's arms restriction to Israel; Republicans lead and the Democrats are divided.

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In Maryland, AIPAC has poured $4.2M into a congressional primary where Israel is not an issue

A campaign finance group linked to AIPAC, the United Democracy Project, injects $4.2 million into Maryland's Democratic primary, backing state Sen. Sarah Elfreth.

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