gaza strip

The Gaza Strip is a small region of Palestine located along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Egypt on the southwest and Israel on the northeast. The Gaza region has been subject to Israel control since 1967. It is still listed as “occupied” by the United Nations and many other human rights observer groups.
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Police officers stand in line to separate protesters supporting the Palestinians from a small group

Canada Pro-Israel orgs blast NDP for anti-Israel boycott, lawfare policies

The NDP demanded the Canadian government end all trade and economic relations with Israeli settlements and suspend all arms trade with Israel.

Senior Jihadist whose arrest sparked Operation Breaking Dawn indicted

Al-Saadi was arrested in Jenin a month ago, leading to the security tensions that erupted into Operation Breaking Dawn.

Gal Gadot visits residents of southern Israel after Gaza missile strikes

The internationally-recognized Israeli actress and 'Wonder Woman' star was captured on video greeting children in the town, who gathered to hear her speak. 

Are Israel’s enemies becoming more jihadist? - opinion

Israel has been attacked by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad numerous times and now they're taking inspiration from ISIS for their attacks. But now, there's a new threat.


Prime Minister Yair Lapid speaks to Gazan civilians - opinion

Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke to the Gazan civilians and proposed an idea to help them, Hamas and the PA commented negatively.

Israel came out on top in Gaza op, but Hamas won diplomatically - former general

A war will not solve Israel's problem in Gaza, according to Matan Vilnai, CEO of Commander's for Israel's Security (CIS).

Israel's blockade on Gaza is keeping its doctors from improving - opinion

We cannot accept that two million people are trapped in overcrowded and nearly unlivable conditions, indefinitely, without access to the most basic services we, in Israel, take for granted.


UN should reinstate staffer sacked for tweet against ‘indiscriminate rocket fire’ - Erdan

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan said that firing Muscroft over the tweet "effectively grants Palestinian players an ‘unwritten veto’ over UN statements."

Russian embassy slams PM Lapid for 'disdain of Palestinians' lives'

The Russian Embassy in Cairo attacked Prime Minister Lapid, commenting on a tweet in which he referred to the massacre in the city of Bucha, accusing him of "disrespecting the lives of Palestinians."

UNSC must condemn Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terror group, US says

United States Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield recalled that her country and many other nations had already designated Palestinian Islamic Jihad as a terror group, and urged the UN to do the same.

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