Idit Silman

Idit Silman is an Israeli lawmaker and member of the Likud Party and is the country's current environmental protection minister.

In the past, Silman was part of the Yamina Party and served as the coalition chairwoman in 2021, during the Naftali Bennett-led government. However, she would quit the post due to a debate surrounding the presence of hametz products in hospitals during the Passover holiday – a debate many accuse Silman of being responsible for starting. This debate, in part, led to the government's collapse.

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Illegal Palestinian waste fire forces settler shop owners to stay indoors

"We woke up one morning" to "a big black thick pillar of smoke, no one can breathe."

Israel, Morocco to collaborate on climate issues

The agreement will include a framework for cooperation between research institutes, entrepreneurs, and public and private bodies in the field of the environment.

What will Israel spend on the environment this year?

The ministry said it feels successful in that its total compensation stayed the same or even went up despite budget cuts to ministries across the board.

National parks open free of charge for Gaza border residents

People living within 40 km of the Gaza Strip will be granted free entry into the country's national parks and gardens, including the night parking lots, starting from Thursday.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish boys dance around a bonfire as they celebrate the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba'Ome

Lighting Lag Ba'omer fires in open areas to be banned throughout Israel

The Health and Environmental Protection ministries joined the call to avoid lighting fires this Lag Ba'omer and gave out guidelines for a safe holiday.

Knesset fails to advance Climate Bill due to internal opposition

An affirmative vote by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation is required to advance the bill to the Knesset and make it law.

Hundreds protest judicial reform outside ministers' homes

On Silman's street, people who opposed the protest sprayed the demonstrators with pepper spray.

Israel is not prepared for climate change, Silman says following UN report

The IPCC report indicated that the world is on the brink of a climate change disaster.

MKs in disguise: Israeli lawmakers dress up for Purim

Several Israeli MKs and ministers took the time to make costumes that either reflected Purim merriment or contained political meanings.

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016

Ministers approve controversial 'Hametz Law' for preliminary reading in Knesset

The "Hametz Law" makes it illegal for hospitals to enter or hold hametz (leavened bread) during Passover.

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