immunity bill

Netanyahu withdraws request for immunity, trial to start within weeks

"As I have done all my life, I will continue to invest all for the future of our country and for you, the citizens of Israel."

Netanyahu's changing views on democracy

Netanyahu likes to point out that it is the majority that matters, the only thing that counts in a formal democracy, forgetting that it is also measured by its defense of human and civil rights

U.S Vice President Mike Pence gestures as he stands next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah

Blue and White: Peace plan coinciding with immunity vote 'not coincidence'

“The goal is obviously to cancel the plenum or remove the spotlight from the plenum,” a Blue and White source said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump deliver statements

Analysis: Immunity, impeachment, Bibi and Trump

The politics of the current immunity and impeachment proceedings shaking Israel and the US are crucial, but the legal issues may prove even more decisive in the long-run.

Benjamin Netanyahu announces that if reelected, he will extend Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan V

Smotrich asks Netanyahu to hold vote on Jordan Valley annexation next week

Smotrich's proposal was also seen as a threat against Netanyahu that his vote in favor of immunity could be lost if Netanyahu does not initiate the vote on the Jordan Valley.

Knesset members discuss Netanyahu's request for immunity

Knesset panel passes anti-immunity hurdle against Netanyahu

Likud faction head warns Knesset has been hijacked

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting, January 2020.

Netanyahu's immunity hearings promise entertainment for public - analysis

The prime minister is about to go to trial in the court of public opinion.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a conference in Jerusalem Wednesday. Will the US act

Netanyahu’s immunity request to be rejected, paving way for trial

Knesset legal adviser expected to rule that Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein cannot halt formation of Knesset House Committee which will vote on PM’s immunity request

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a ceremony to inaugurate a dozen factories in Ashkelon o

Netanyahu's trial could be expedited Wednesday

Justice minister tells Knesset AG to back off

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