Predominantly Palestinian city in northern West Bank, with population of 39,000.
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Palestinian killed in clashes with Israeli forces near Jenin

A Palestinian was killed in clashes with Israeli forces in Burqin, just days after two other Palestinians were killed in clashes in the town.


Two IDF soldiers wounded, 5 Palestinians killed in anti-Hamas operation

Intense clashes broke out between Palestinians and Israeli security forces overnight as the IDF entered to make arrests throughout the West Bank.

Palestinian fugitives might have been caught, but story isn't over - analysis

The six Palestinian fugitives who escaped from Gilboa Prison have been caught, ending a historic two-week manhunt. But the saga raises questions about the security failures that led to the jailbreak.

Palestinians admit capture of Gilboa prisoners shows Israeli intel prowess

Palestinians suggested that Israel's recapture of the six fugitives who escaped from Gilboa Prison proves it has collaborators in Jenin.

Last two escaped prisoners arrested in Jenin, ending manhunt

Palestinians clashed with the Israeli forces who entered Jenin to arrest the two prisoners.

Jenin gunmen ready to foil possible IDF ‘incursion’

The gunmen said that they have formed a “Joint Operations Room” consisting of representatives of various Palestinian factions to repel a possible “invasion” by the IDF.

Jenin camp braces for defending Gilboa Prison fugitive

Escaped prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi will be protected by his family and friends in the Jenin Refugee Camp should he return there, as friends of his family hand out candy, in celebration of his escape.

Border Police officers operating in Jenin, July 12, 2021

Four Palestinians killed in firefight with Israeli security forces in Jenin

Terrorists opened fire at the Jenin refugee camp when Israel Border Police officers entered, seeking to arrest a terror suspect.

A Palestinian gunman holds a weapon during the funeral of Palestinian Yazan Abu Tabekh, who was kill

Hamas member succumbs to wounds from clashes with Israeli forces in Jenin

Dia al-Din Mohammad Sabarini, 25, was shot along with five other Palestinians during a firefight with Israel Police last week.

YAMAM Special Forces Unit of the Israeli Police (Ilustration)

Six Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli security forces in Jenin

Firefight broke out as troops conducted an arrest raid in the West Bank city.

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