Lebanon War

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The new IDF badge honoring military service along the Lebanon border.

IDF to grant honorary badge for service in Lebanon

The badges will be given out by the IDF starting on 7 June to an approximate 3,100 current IDF officers and some 2,3000 bereaved families.

The funeral of Zachary Baumel, who went missing at the Battle of Sultan Yacub in 1982, at the Mount

Bennett gives Netanyahu location of IDF soldiers missing from Lebanon War

The report added that, according to a security official, the information presented in the document is already well-known in the intelligence community.

View of Mount Hermon covered with snow as it seen from the northern Golan Heights, near the border w

Syrian Arab Army forces position themselves on Mount Hermon - report

Reports have surfaced recently of both Israeli and Syrian airstrikes in areas close to the border.

Lebanon: The tragic story of the Arab world

Lebanon must be considered a failed state, going back to the 1989 Taif agreement to end the civil war.

IDF to consider naming close to two-decade long campaign in south Lebanon

Twenty years after Israel withdrew from the security belt, the nameless war has often been forgotten

Young Palestinians crawl under an obstacle during a military-style exercise at a Hamas summer camp i

COGAT: Hamas summer camp trains kids to 'commit acts of terror'

"Imagine what they could be learning instead," read the COGAT tweet.

Good morning, Lebanon! A look back at Israel's military retreat

Twenty years after Israel’s retreat, the analogy to America’s Vietnamese trauma still stands – mostly for the worse, but also for the better

PROTESTERS REPRESENTING the ‘Four Mothers’ group demand the unilateral and immediate withdrawal of I

The Four Mothers and the end of the war in Lebanon

INITIALLY, THE Four Mothers focused their message on the importance of saving the lives of their soldier sons in Lebanon through withdrawal.

SHAY SHEMESH: When the withdrawal happened it was a feeling of closure, but I felt like I didn’t ful

Twenty years after the IDF left Lebanon, the memories are flooding back

Military Affairs: The nameless, forgotten war claimed the lives of hundreds of soldiers and left thousands more with traumatic mental scars, which for many are only now being treated.

IDF SOLDIERS pack their bags as troops prepare to leave the Lebanon border, on May 17, 2000

Twenty years after Lebanon withdrawal: Return to the abyss

Today’s Israeli military and political leaders are in many ways part of the withdrawal generation, learning the time’s tough lessons.

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