Lebanon War

IDF SOLDIERS pack their bags as troops prepare to leave the Lebanon border, on May 17, 2000
Twenty years after Lebanon withdrawal: Return to the abyss

Today’s Israeli military and political leaders are in many ways part of the withdrawal generation, learning the time’s tough lessons.

PROTESTERS REPRESENTING the ‘Four Mothers’ group demand the unilateral and immediate withdrawal of I
The Four Mothers and the end of the war in Lebanon

INITIALLY, THE Four Mothers focused their message on the importance of saving the lives of their soldier sons in Lebanon through withdrawal.

THEN-PRIME MINISTER Ehud Barak (left) attends a dinner hosted by US president Bill Clinton (second f
A four-month coincidence? The Lebanon withdrawal and the Second Intifada

While then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak downplayed the connection between the two events, officials who were deeply involved in diplomatic events at the time do connect the dots.

THE GOOD Fence crossing, Metulla, May 23, 2000.
Lebanon: The war that never ends makes a comeback

“The War with No Name” is the first time in any format, written or visual, that anyone has tried to tell the entire story of the security zone from beginning to end.

THE WRITER interviews troops at the Shani outpost, southern Lebanon, September 1999
Twenty years out of Lebanon: The war with no name that would never end

Like the War of Attrition, the conflict in Lebanon settled in Israeli consciousness.

Good morning, Lebanon! A look back at Israel's military retreat

Twenty years after Israel’s retreat, the analogy to America’s Vietnamese trauma still stands – mostly for the worse, but also for the better

20 years after Lebanon pullout, Hezbollah is itching for another battle

It’s been a decade of relative quiet along this explosive border with only isolated incidents, and many feel that Israel’s withdrawal from the security belt was the right decision.

Young Palestinians crawl under an obstacle during a military-style exercise at a Hamas summer camp i
COGAT: Hamas summer camp trains kids to 'commit acts of terror'

"Imagine what they could be learning instead," read the COGAT tweet.

Miriam and Yonah Baumel hold a picture of their son Zachary Baumel, who was taken prisoner of war in
After 37 years, the body of Sgt. Zachary Baumel has returned to Israel

There was no prisoner exchange, Manelis said, explaining that it was an operational mission carried out by military intelligence.

French President Emmanuel Macron (center) welcomes Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri on the ste
Saudi Arabia vs. Iran

What role do Lebanon and Israel play in the conflict?

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