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Over 70 tons of tar cleaned from Israel's beaches since oil spill

The country's northern beaches have proved harder to clean, due to their rockier terrain, which tar more easily clings to than sand.

Staff from Nature Authority rescue endangered eagle's eggs in Golan

The Golan Rescue Unit was responsible for saving the eggs, racing against time despite the mate being somewhere in the area.

Divers attempt to ride endangered sharks near Hadera

The Nature and Parks Authority has warned that doing so is illegal and potentially dangerous, due to the sharks themselves and the strong currents.

Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen

Israel to offer free guided tours in new Tourism Ministry initiative

As the tourism ministry tries to recuperate, NIS 10m. have been allocated to providing free tours throughout the country.


Byzantine church discovered in Banyas nature reserve

According to scholars, the church, which used pagan architecture, was founded on the site when Christianity became the official religion in Israel in the fourth century CE.

Dolphins spotted swimming near the coast of Netanya - WATCH

The sighting featured an estimated 8 individuals, including two calves. The school was seen playing amidst the waves.

Hundreds of African frogs found illegally kept in shoe store

The amphibians were being kept for trade in a store posing as a cobbler.


Israeli hikers turn Lifta natural spring into bubble bath

Inspectors from Israel's Nature and Parks Authority are currently investigating the incident.

Eight dehydrated hikers rescued amid heatwave

Due to the heatwave, the National Parks Authority closed down some of the national parks in the interest of keeping trekkers safe, advising them to stay out of open areas with no shade.

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