Noam Party

LGBTQ+ org. calls for criminal investigation of Noam Party over blacklist

Israeli law forbids "spying on, ambushing or tracking a person's movements or actions" as a form of harassment.

Attendees at the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance march, June 3, 2021.

Jerusalem LGBTQ+ org. invites Noam head Avi Maoz to join Pride parade

The Open House raised over NIS 100,000 from a fund established in Noam Party leader Avi Maoz's honor.

Noam: How Israeli politics became focused on a party of one

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Avi Maoz’s coalition partners also have expressed opposition to women being drafted into the IDF or, at the very least, opposition to their joining combat units.


Avi Maoz is unfit to have authority on Israel's education system - editorial

There are plenty of reasons that Maoz is considered an extremist. The first and most obvious is his blatant homophobia.

Avi Maoz is alienating even Likud members

National unity, if it ever arrives, will have to wait for a much later phase and very different circumstances.

50 local authorities declare intent to boycott Avi Maoz’s anti-LGBTQ policies

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid announced on Saturday that his party is opening a hotline for parents who are concerned about the content Maoz may bring into their childrens' schools.


Netanyahu accuses Lapid of inciting IDF officers, mayors to revolt

Lapid called on local authorities to use their authority to combat changes that Avi Maoz may make in the Israeli education system.


Gantz defends Cairo ties after Avi Maoz's Noam calls Egypt an 'enemy state'

Avi Maoz's far-right factions hit out at reports that Israel is contemplating the construction of a monument in memory of Egyptian commandos.

LGBTQ youth protest against far right Noam party at Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem

Maoz threatens LGBTQ+ Pride parade, women's rights in IDF after deal with Netanyahu

The unit in charge of external programming in the education system will be under the control of far-right MK Avi Maoz.


Netanyahu had no reason to give in to Maoz's demands - editorial

Netanyahu did not have to compromise his own beliefs and cave in to each of Maoz’s demands – in fact, he could have formed a stable coalition without him.

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