prisoner release

Goldin Shaul soldiers

Hamas: Israel ‘not serious’ about prisoner swap

Hamas threatens to end prisoner exchange in response to the perceived lack of progress in negotiations.

14 Iranian fishermen released by al-Shabaab following prolonged talks

Al-Arabiyya speculated based on earlier reports that they may have been abducted by pirates and then given to al-Shabaab.

Ukraine general: Russia still wants whole Ukraine, digging in for long war

The EU agreed on 18 billion euros in financing for Ukraine in 2023 after President Zelensky urged them to back 'the struggle for peace for Ukraine'.


Ukraine-Russia War: How many Wagner mercenaries are ex-convicts?

The GUR noted that the number of Wagner mercenaries in Russia, most of whom are on the front lines, is over 8,000. Most of them are prisoners. 

Venezuela has released 7 jailed Americans -Biden

Venezuela on Saturday released seven jailed Americans, including five oil executives, in exchange for the release of two relatives of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, US officials said.


Robert F. Kennedy's killer Sirhan Sirhan appeals denial of parole - report

California Governor Gavin Newsom said Sirhan is still a threat to the public and cited the fact that he denies he killed Kennedy as a reason he was denied parole.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey help mediate Ukraine-Russia prisoner release

More than 200 prisoners of war were released after their capture by Russian armed forces required additional mediators to step in.

‘Israel did not agree to free Islamic Jihad prisoners in Gaza ceasefire’

Israel didn't agree to release the Palestinian Islamic Jihad senior member Bassam al-Saadi as part of the Gaza ceasefire talks to end Operation Breaking Dawn.

Hamas to allow left-wing Israel activist into Gaza to visit hostages

The idea of entering Gaza, left-wing activist Yoel Marshak said, was born in part out of his relationship with Palestinian journalist Sami Obeid.

Former president Ronald Reagan addresses the nation from the Oval Office

US President Reagan's shooter John Hinckley fully released after 41 years

"After 41 years 2 months and 15 days, FREEDOM AT LAST!!!" Hinckley, 67, wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon.

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