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The entrance of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seen in The Hague March 3, 2011.

EU countries gave NIS 50m. to Israeli NGOs supporting war crimes charges

Foreign governments gave Israeli groups over NIS 185,000,000 in 2017-2019.

Jewish extremists stone homes in West Bank Palestinian villages - Yesh Din

Around 11 p.m. Tuesday, a group of settlers entered Hawara and stoned vehicles, shattering the windows in two of them, Yesh Din charged.

Vehicle torched in Tayibe in alleged price tag attack

'Price tag' attacks reported in Palestinian villages

Price tag attacks were reported in the Palestinian villages of Deir 'Ammar and as-Sawiya and the Arab-Israeli city of Tayibe in which cars were vandalized and an olive tree grove was uprooted.

Cars and homes were vandalized in the Arab village of Hizma in the West Bank.

Violence surges in West Bank as week comes to a close

Several occurrences were reported of vandalism and violence in or near Arab neighborhoods and villages.


Encountering Peace: Israeli impunity

The lack of public discourse in Israel on the low value of Palestinian lives further demonstrates a complete lack of humanity that has developed in Israel over too many years of occupation.

"Price Tag" attack in the Palestinian village of Einabus

'Price tag' attack: Vandals graffiti mosque in Palestinian village

There were four vehicles whose tires were punctured and one had a Star of David painted on it.

Settlers throw stones at Urif

Yesh Din: Settlers threw stones at home in Palestinian village of Urif

"Soldiers who arrived to the incident began firing tear gas and live ammunition at the Palestinian youths and did not arrest the group of settlers who had rioted inside the village," Yesh Din said.

A Jewish settler walks at the Jewish settlement outpost of Adei Ad B in the West Bank

After violence, court asked to halt legalization of Adei Ad outpost

The outpost is situated on property whose classification is in dispute between the Civil Administration and the nearby Palestinian villages of Turmus Aya and Jalud.

NGOs: Israelis vandalize dozens of Palestinian cars in West Bank

Palestinians reported that at 2 a.m. Israelis entered the village of Asira al-Qibliya and punctured the tires of about 12 vehicles, Yesh Din stated.

THE NEWLY built settlement of Amihai seen from the vinyards of Meshek Achiya just north of the Shilo

Israel to triple size of West Bank settlement Amihai

Since the 1993 Oslo Accords and until the end of the Obama Administration, Israel has largely refrained from creating new settlements.

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