Golan Heights

Plateau in northern Israel captured from Syria in 1967 and annexed in 1981. Known for its beautiful scenery and vineyards.

AN IRON DOME antimissile system is installed near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the G
Is the Golan incident linked to tensions over Hezbollah’s 'retaliation'?

The incident comes on the backdrop of the accusation that Israel sabotaged the Iranian Natantz nuclear facility, in addition to cyberattacks carried out on Iran.

Kayaking on the Jordan River with Abu-Kayak
Taly's Travel: A wet summer in southern Golan, Kinneret

The Southern Golan Heights area offers an opportunity to get some fresh air and cool breeze, enjoy some wet activities and good food while staying safe.

Artwork uncovered on mysterious 4,000-year-old structures in the Golan

The dolmen near the kibbutz is the largest one even discovered in the Middle East and its ceiling features 14 tridents carved into the stone.

Uniformed men ride a motorbike as they carry a Syrian flag in Quneitra on the Syrian side of the cea
Southern Syria is a center of new instability and military activity

The area is emerging as potentially of concern to Iran, Russia and the Syrian regime, as well as to the US and Israel.

THE OFFICERS’ pool at Ein Jilabun.
Tour Israel: Exhilarating Nahal Jilabun

There will probably be more people than usual flocking to popular springs all over Israel, especially in the Golan Heights.

Gov set to approve 'Ramat Trump' in Golan Heights

The plan includes a budget of NIS 8 million to cover the necessary processes to develop Ramat Trump.

Golani Troops during a large scale drill in northern Israel simulating war with Hezbollah.
Lost encrypted IDF communication device found by civilian

The civilian who found the device an hour after it was lost realized it was IDF equipment and brought it back to the army shortly after.

Applying Israeli law to the Golan in 1981 and the West Bank in 2020

When it comes to the Knesset debate, it is unlikely to be completed in one day, but there may be echoes of the kinds of arguments MKs had in 1981.

Assad replaces governors along Israel’s Golan

The shakeup may be a sign that he has lost confidence in several key governors or that he recognizes a series of security incidents requires a change.

Hezbollah training Syria's 1st Corps to use in future war against Israel

Hezbollah’s Southern Headquarters trains Syrian troops and collects intelligence on IDF

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