Largest city in northern Israel and home to country's biggest port
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Fire breaks out after pipe malfunction at Haifa petrochemical plants

Fire and rescue services have gained control of the flames and the plant has paused the supply of fuel to the facility.

Israel's wild boars push Haifa couple to file for divorce

A married couple from Haifa are planning on getting a divorce, after wild boars infiltrated their private garden. The couple seems to disagree about the proper way of addressing the issue.

Intel Israel to build massive new Haifa campus, hire 1,000

The building will cover an area of tens of thousands of square meters and will house thousands of workers working on a hybrid model combining office and remote work time.

Firefighters use water to dilute ammonia leaking from a chemical plant

Israel advised to remove petrochemical plant in Haifa within 10 years

The recommendations of the committee, headed by Prof. Avi Simhon, Head of the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister's Office, would end Bazan Group's oil refinery operations in Haifa.


Cruise ship docks in Haifa for the first time since start of pandemic

The arrival of the Royal Caribbean ship makes it the first arrival of a cruise ship in Israel since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mediterranean Biennale returns with fourth installment

The aim of this year’s show is to explore the theme of multicultural cooperation and the role of art as a bridge between peoples, places and of ideas in order to develop a transcultural dialogue.


Haifa hospital saves life of boy from Gaza suffering from kidney failure

"I would have given him my soul, my eyes, and that I should die so that he could live — anything to stop his suffering," said Sumar Tapash, Madchat's mother, who donated a kidney to help her son live

David Ben David during the 1948 siege of Kfar Etzion, where many of his comrades were killed by enem

David Ben David cheated death and missed Israel’s birth

David Ben David swam to Haifa in 1940, unknowingly escaping the ill-fated "Patria". He spent most of the 1948 war as a POW, saved from death more than once by his Arab Legion captors.


Haifa man prints new whistle to prevent Haifa boar attacks

"I use the whistle when I meet wild boar in an aggressive situation, say a mom and her babies."

Long delays at Israeli ports could harm supply chain for local factories

About 50 ships are waiting to be unloaded in the two port cities, with ships waiting about 10 days in Ashdod and about four days in Haifa.

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