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New elections will reverse positive developments - opinion

Perhaps the chances of the Government of Change to survive were never very good. However, to categorize it as a historic mistake that should never have happened, and should never be repeated.

Netanyahu offered Silman's husband a 'senior political position' - report

MK Idit Silman's husband reportedly told his inner circle of opposition head Benjamin Netanyahu's offer.

Poll shows Likud gains, but falls short of gaining majority

A new poll shows that the political system is once again at a dead end.


It’s too soon to call time on Bennett’s tenure - analysis

Netanyahu predicted that Bennett's coalition was on its last legs, but on television screens across Israel, polls showed that his celebratory tone was premature.

Menachem Begin was from another league of historic proportions - top aide

Begin’s top aide Dan Meridor discusses how the premier laid the basis for the Abraham Accords, Iraq-Iran nuke comparisons, compassion for refugees.

BARKAT TAKES an election-night photo with a Bibi-masked man at Likud Party headquarters in Tel Aviv

Opposition sours over Negev Summit - analysis

Even when something good happens – such as the Negev Summit organized by Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, you have to find something to complain about, something to pour some cold water on.


What can be done about bad-mouthing and using foul language in the Knesset? - opinion

"I wonder where all the poison and hatred, which lead you to say such horrible things about people you do not even know, come from", Hayut said to David Amsalem.

Likud turns anti-spying protest to anti-Bibi trial

Thousands of right-wing activists attending a demonstration at Tel Aviv's Habima Square where they villainized the police, state prosecution and the rest of the legal system.


Calls to boycott Army Radio as pro-Netanyahu radio host dismissed

Opposition MKs announced a boycott of Army Radio as others called for its privatization following the dismissal of Yaakov Bardugo.


Netanyahu working against Danon in Jewish Agency race

Former prime minister Netanyahu and World Likud chairman Danny Danon have feuded for many years.

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