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Sagi Muki
Iran: We will not compete against Israeli athletes

"Refraining from participating in competitions with athletes of the Zionist regime is an issue of the Muslim world, and athletes from 20 countries refrain from doing so."

Iranian workers stand in front of Bushehr nuclear power plant, 1,200 km south of Tehran
Europe concerned by breach of nuke deal as Israel prepares military option

Iran announced this week it has amassed more low-enriched uranium than is permitted under the nuclear pact.

Viewpoint: King Bibi

If Israel wants to be at the table rather than on the table, it has to display military force and not conserve it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Israel Katz attend the inaugur
Netanyahu: Those who threaten to destroy us will bear full responsibility

The airstrikes were reportedly carried out in three waves and targeted military targets belonging to Iran's Quds Force in Syria.

benjamin netanyahu
Netanyahu to Iran: We have our eyes on you

It was the prime minister’s most masterful performance at the United Nations General Assembly.

Ben Cardin, United States Senator (D) from Maryland, interviewed by The Jerusalem Post's Lahav Harko
U.S. senator: Pulling out of Iran accord would isolate U.S. from allies

By withdrawing too quickly, without a comprehensive plan for the day after, "we isolate the United States rather than Iran."

Revolutionary Guard
Iranian 'winter' coming to northern border, analyst warns

Iran has created a foothold in Syria that only stands to grow stronger, warns Orit Perlov, an analyst at the Institute for National Security Studies.

The Iranian drone (inset) that entered Israeli airspace yesterday was launched from a Syrian base
Syrians suffering under Iranian-supported regime praise Israel’s strikes

“Iran proved through its intervention in Syria that it incited hatred against Israel just to achieve its goals of keeping the regime in power.”

Israelis send video messages of support to Iranian protesters

A StandWithUs campaign featuring Israelis projects the message that "Israel stands with the Iranian people."

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