B’Tselem scoffs at PM’s critique

B’Tselem, a left-wing (considered by many to be far-left) NGO, defended its testimony against Israeli policies to the UN Security Council in a statement released on Saturday night.
“Unlike the Prime Minister and his slander, we believe that the Israeli public is worthy of meaningful discussion of the occupation. And, contrary to the complete overlap the Prime Minister establishes between the occupation and Israel, we insist on saying loud and clear: The occupation is not Israel, and resisting it is not anti-Israel. The opposite is true,” the group said.
B’Tselem said that all parties at Friday’s UN Security Council meeting criticized Israel’s presence in the West Bank, including “close allies such as the USA, France and Britain, as well as countries which Netanyahu boasts strengthening ties with, such as Russia and China.”
“The Prime Minister has no answers for the Israeli public, so instead he tries to go after B’Tselem,” the NGO added.
“This will not deter us, nor the hundreds of thousands in Israel who oppose the occupation.
We will continue saying the truth in Israel and abroad: The occupation must end.”