Gillerman: UN report contains 'blatant, one-sided, anti-Israel lies'

Israel's former ambassador to the UN Danny Gillerman said Wednesday that the UN Human Rights Council report alleging the IDF committed war crimes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead contained "blatant, one-sided, anti-Israel lies." "Members of the UNHRC include countries like Zimbabwe and Libya that spend 90 percent of their time on Israel and don't deal for example with the Darfur massacre," he told Army Radio. Gillerman also said that the UNHRC should never have been set up in the first place. "We and the US were only ones who voted against the body being established. We knew it would be very one-sided and anti-Israeli," he said, adding that former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan had said that allowing the UNHRC's establishment was one of his biggest mistakes. Gillerman said Israel was right not to cooperate with the inquiry, saying, "The findings would never have been objective."